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The Great Model Paint off

After a ton of planning and coordinating, we are good to launch this year’s TTRPG model painting competition! (Yay!)


But first, we would like to give a special thanks to you, as, after all, thanks to your fantastic fellowship and support, and that of the other members of this wonderful community, this printing obsession is possible. So, THANK YOU!!!


Now, get your paints & painting station prepped, calibrate your 3D printer, get your painting hand warmed up, and (most important) choose your favorite Printed Obsession models. The Great Model Paint-Off will consist of TWO PARALELLY RUN competitions, one on TTRPG miniatures and the other on FAN ART models.


The painting contest opens on June 1st and closes on July 1st

This means you’ll have 30 days to submit your entries.


The Great Paint-Off Prize Pool includes:

  • Elegoo Mars 3 PRO printers (one for each category), a 2-in-1 Wash & Cure Station 2.0, and Bottles of 3D Printing Resin

  • The Army Painter MEGA paint set, Wet Palette, and a 28-page Miniature Painting Guide

  • ChronicleRPGs Paintbrush sets, Dragon-sized D20, and Brush-cleaning soaps

  • A total of $250-worth @3DJake_Official 3D printing supplies buying orders

  • PrintedObsession past release sets and FREE MMF Tribes subscriptions

  • And MORE!


Prizes will be handed out to both painting competition’s:

  • 1st Place Winners

  • 2nd Place Winners

  • 3rd Place Winners


  • 3 Community Awards (chosen by us) per category

  • AND Participation Gifts to all people who submit an entry!


The event’s judges will be:

How to participate

Participation is open to any and everyone, and to do so, you must simply follow these instructions

  1. Click on the link of the category you want to participate in (it can be both):
    a. TTRPG Painting Competition [
    b. FAN ART Painting Competition[

NOTE: In each link, you’ll find the category’s rules, entry requirements, submission instructions, contest’s terms & conditions, AND a brand new FREE-to-DOWNLOAD model!

  1. Pick the model(s) you like, print them, paint them, take pics & send them to the email address detailed in the contests’ descriptions.

  2. Follow our collaborators’ Instagram accounts (detailed in each category’s description).

  3. Post your submitted models on Instagram, following the “Instagram Post Requirements” found in the contests’ description.

  4. AND you’re done! 

  5. Now, sit tight & wait for the contest’s results to be announced on Printed Obsession Instagram.


A special thanks to our collaborators




The Army Painter:

Official Website


My Mini Factory:

Official Website


Thangs 3D:

Official Website


Chronicle RPG:

Official Website



Official Website



Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, and best of Luck!



Morgan & Team

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