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Printed Obsession

Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to the world of Printed Obsession. The place where your perpetuating miniature madness can roam free.

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What We Do

Our journey into modeling began in 2009 with a simple desire: to create custom-made and easily accessible miniatures for our Dungeons & Dragons games. Our aim was to breathe life into our tales, our world, our creatures, and characters - to visualise them in a tangible form. Thus, we ventured into the realm of digital modelling.


As we delved deeper, we realised the potential to assist others in bringing their own campaigns and visions to fruition. This realisation led to the birth of Printed Obsession.


Founder, Digital Sculptor & Designer, Morgan Morey, encapsulates our ethos perfectly by stating, “I tend to model what makes me happy, and which hopefully makes others happy too.”


Today, we are thrilled to be a part of a thriving community and are grateful for the opportunity to bring you the joy of possessing the perfect model for that crucial moment in your narrative or for that prime spot on your display shelf.


With over a decade of experience, our team excels in designing and crafting exquisite high-quality fantasy miniatures for our beloved pastimes. It brings us immense pleasure to unveil Printed Obsession’s creations and share them with you.

Our Vision

Our vision at Printed Obsession is to inspire joy and satisfaction through the art of miniature design. We aim to empower gamers and hobbyists by offering them the perfect tools to enhance their gaming experiences.

We pour our passion into each design to help people bring their creative worlds to life. Our goal is to be a hub of creativity and quality in the fantasy miniature world.

Become a Miniature Dealer

If your TTRPG club friends love your models but lack a 3D printer, join our Patreon Trader Tier for a commercial license.


This allows you to sell Printed Obsession models, whether to friends or in a business setting.


Enroll in the Trader Tier to share our creations within your gaming community and beyond, with a signed licensing agreement to guide commercial distribution.

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